Benefits of Automatic Summarizers

Summarizing a given text is a lengthy task. Thanks to technology for automatic summarizers. Automatic text summarization methods are generally needed to address the ever-growing amount of text data available online to discover and consume relevant information faster. Almost every field of work needs to summarize their lengthy text documents to save time. Basically, automatic summarization tools process the given text to create the summary.

 The automatic summarization tool selects the most important and repetitive keywords from the original document and make it a short document. Automatic summarizer is an algorithm which extracts sentences often called keywords from a text document, determines which are most important, and returns them in a readable and structured way but in less words.Automatic summarization first works by calculating the word frequencies for the entire original text document. Then the tool stores and sorts the most common words. Then each sentence is created based on high frequency words, with higher frequency words being worth more.

Different online automatic summarizing tools use various methods when they summarize any given text or article. Many of these tools use an algorithm to select the sentences from the article. Each and Every tool has their predefined rules & regulations and they use these rules to select the sentences to be taken when summarizing.

Internet is comprised of web pages, news articles, status updates, blogs and so much more. This whole data is unstructured and it is hard to navigate each and every text given. The best way to go through all is to navigate it by searching and skimming the results.

Conversion of these lengthy text documents to their shorter version is much needed. Automatic summarizers creates summaries that capture the salient details as this way, we can navigate it more effectively and can also check whether the larger documents actually contain the information that we are looking for.

Automatic text summarization tools are not only needed by business leaders, analysts, paralegals, and academic researchers but also help in day to day work of students and scholars. Business people have to go through huge numbers of documents every day to keep ahead and while searching for relevant information and document, most of their time gets wasted on just figuring out what document is relevant and what isn’t. But by using automatic tools it is possible to extract important sentences and creating comprehensive summaries. This will enable the user to read a shorter version of the main text to know what if a document is worth reading or not.

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