Businesses Can Use Social Media Monitoring like NetBase to Compete Better By Using Performance-Based Features

Why Use Social Media Monitoring

Of course, there are many reasons why businesses today are looking towards social media tools to help monitor and to extend the basis of better productivity. One of the significant advantages of fo using performance-based features available in media monitoring tools like Khoros, MobileMonkey, WordStream, and HubSpot to produce productivity across all media streams. One of the significant benefits of using media marketing tools to engage with customers is that in the listening to what customers are looking for, what they are thinking, feeling, and their inclinations, the advantages are long-lasting and beneficial.

Lowering Costs

The use of media marketing tools also means that the company can reduce the overhead costs of communication tools, which media marketing can replace at a lower cost while obtaining better results. Many times a consumer will share more and better information to a bot than to a person on the phone. However, the monitoring of media streams has become a proven way to engage with customers in a real-time mode, and there is no replacement for real-time engagement with customers and influencers. By engaging with one influencer in your business through social media, you gain one person more who will promote your brand and increase from 100-100K extra followers through the influencer.

Following the Ripple Effect

The ripple effect is the effect one person has upon another, and the third person has upon every other person that follows. The only thing we know outside of the science of sociology is that one person’s actions affect another person’s actions and reactions and is part of the social fabric of social sciences and how humans interact with one another. A company can use this information to better position itself so that its influencer will help to create a positive effect upon the brand. Social media monitoring brings together many tools useful to any business. For example, a branded community can be a place where a company brings together a blog, Q&A platform, feedback, forms, reviews, and sharing in one place to enable a brand’s customers to share freely with one another. In turn, the company can use this freely shared information that is analyzed to make decisions about what future marketing campaigns will use to respond positively to the needs consumers share in these communities.

NetBase Analysis

NetBase uses all of the social media monitoring streams a company has in place and integrates them all into a single stream, which allows the company to gain in-depth knowledge about its consumers and how it is perceived by those who have interacted with the brand. NetBase analyzes Terabytes of big real-time data, categorizes them, and gives to the business actionable data point, which can be used to help make present and future marketing decisions. NetBase has wormed with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies tailor make a portfolio of useful marketing data points particular to their brand and focus.

Time Savings

It takes time to develop an excellent online community which will be inviting for customers and integrates activities which responds to consumer needs it also saves a great deal of time which could be used to send out mailers, feedback forms, and other social media interactive campaigns that bring about the same result but within a high time limit. A bonus to developing such a community, as mentioned above, is the social dynamics that come about in the city. A society can bring about a more excellent feeling of belonging to a brand or its services than filling out a form or feedback inquiry.

Reaping the Benefits

There are many benefits of using the tools available to businesses through social marketing. The following chart gives a few of the more common ones and is often given as hard-proof of the effectiveness of using social marketing tools. There are many other benefits than these seven and are specific to individual business needs.

Benefits of the Use of Media Marketing

  • Customer Brand Awareness
  • Higher Traffic to Brand
  • Higher ranking on Search engines
  • More people want brand products
  • Greater Awareness of Story of Business
  • Greater Loyalty among consumer
  • Helps Reduce Costs

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