D2H Recharge – Ways and Method of Recharging Online


The online medium has been nothing less than bliss for all of us. While we are better connected now with one another – thanks to the online medium – we can indulge in online shopping thereby saving time and money and choose from an extensive range of products available online. The pros of this medium are not limited to just these two aspects. Today using the online platform, we can virtually do any task and that too in matter of few seconds and minutes. The digital world helps us make payments of our mobile and utility bills; it helps us carry out prepaid mobile and D2H recharge; it helps us pay for our insurance premiums and pre-book movie tickets; helps us in ordering food, booking train and air tickets, paying hotel room reservations, pay for e-challans, recharge your metro smart cards and even book bus tickets. The list certainly does not end here – as more and more services are being brought under the paradigm of the digital virtual world. As the online world evolves and develops further, so are more services getting digitized.

How to make D2H recharge online?

If you are using the online medium, you can carry out the D2H recharge process in two ways:-

  1. Use the official portal of the service provider. There are many Direct-to-Home operators in the country today. All of them have their own website online that facilitate online transactions. Some of them have already launched their Apps; so consumers can make faster and easier payments right from their handheld smartphones.
  2. The other method of online D2H recharge is to use the site of online resellers – these are platform that work with multiple D2H operators all across the country and are authorized by the operators to collect payments on their behalf. Some of the most reliable and trusted online payment aggregators today are Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe.

There are obvious advantages of both the platforms. While if you use the former, you know for sure that you money being debited is going towards the right operator’s account and used for the recharge of the DTH connection; using the reseller site or App helps you to conduct multiple operations from one single entity. So you can have your D2H recharge done and then move onto pay your premiums or pay your utility bills or book a train ticket; so on and so forth. The other clear advantage of using the resellers is that you can use the electronic wallet of the said platform and use it for making safer payments online. The virtual wallets from some of the popular service providers can be used in the offline mode too. With such multi-faceted mechanism, it all works in your favour.

Using the online medium for D2H recharge is no rocket science. It is simple and easy; instant and fast – something that can be easily done with little knowledge of smartphones and internet. For sure, the online medium has freed up lots of our time that would otherwise have been wasted in queuing up or waiting or travelling from one place to the other.

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