Digital door lock for everyday use

A digital door lock (ประตู digital door lock which is the term in Thai) is very popular among the modern consumers because of their great variety. Big range of products are available from which the consumers can choose as per their requirement. 


  • Magnetic locks

These types of locks use an electromagnet and an armature plate. The electromagnet is applied to the door frame. An electric current is passed through the electromagnet, which attracts the plate in due to the presence of the magnet and keeps the door locked. These magnets are extremely cost efficient and can be easily removed just like standard lock. This is the main reasons for not recommending magnetic locks when it comes to securing of the home or the office.

  • Electric door strikes

These electric door strikes are often used as replacement instead of the traditional strike faceplate which is generally used to secure latch bar doors. This mechanism of the latch works with electric currents. This helps in either locking or releasing the latch. This system is called a multifunctional electronic lock, which gives many options depending on how the strike will be installed. The effectiveness of the electric door strikes is highly dependent on its pairing.

  • Electric bolt locks

Cabinets and interior doors that often require maximum security will use electric bolt locks. These types of locks are usually very similar to deadbolt locks. But when it comes to strength, electric bolt locks are much stronger. They are very much compatible with most of the electronic systems. They can also easily be installed with various failsafe modes.

A digital lock (ประตู  which is the term in Thai) provides security in a cost efficient manner. They are also very easy to install. Thus the user might not be a tech savvy in order to install or use electronic locks.

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