How Can You Increase Your In-App Purchases?

The in-app purchases helps you to generate revenue directly. It is said that more than 24% percent of the users prefer in-app purchases rather than the paid apps. But it is always important to have some good marketing strategies to gain the maximum revenue out of it. The following is a guide for helping to increase your in-app purchases that would surely help you to make a good amount of money.

Few Strategies of Increasing In-App Purchases:

  • Use Smart Push Notifications-

Push notifications are considered to be one of the most efficient ways of communicating with the present users and also found of having higher engagement rates. It has always been an effective way of promoting various marketing campaigns and as a result, always adds value to the existing users.

  • Establish a Customer Loyalty Program-

The loyalty program itself is a motivation for the users to increase their purchases. It not only helps to improve the in-app purchase experience but also helps a brand in building brand loyalty and as a result gaining a larger base of loyal customers.

  • Encourage User Referrals-

Referral programs have often been the most easiest and effective way to boost your revenue from your app. Fortunately, it does not require too much of headache on your part. Once starting with such a program, the existing user gets an incentive for inviting their friends and close contacts to download the app, and therefore there is an appreciable increase in the number of app downloads.

  • Optimize the Checkout Process-

Once a user plans to purchase a product, they have a minimum expectation that the checkout process should be quick, safe, and secure. It is also found that if the checkout process is a bit lengthy, it hampers the conversion rate after all. Therefore, it is extremely important to optimize the check out process to increase in-app purchases.

  • Avoid Clickbait-

Building trust and being honest to users or customers is very important in any of the businesses. It is always recommended to avoid Clickbait because their paid ads focus on something but deliver something else which would surely break the trust and the good relation between you and your esteemed customers. Though initially it starts good, but over the time it affects conversion rate.

  • Take Advantage of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)-

Though it is a widely used term especially in all the social media platforms, this term or concept also helps in boosting in-app purchases. For instance, limited period offers and flash sale, etc, are a few and FOMO refers to the time-sensitive offers.

Thus, the above points are widely accepted and have yielded good results for boosting in-app purchases and as a result leading to more generation in revenue.


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