How Instagram helps to keep our information safe and secure??

Instagram is a social media website that helps in connecting people across the globe. Everyone wants to keep their life private, so they attract those websites which ensure safety and security. Many hackers can also ask your private information and pictures. So it’s better to keep your account Private. If Instagram is private, persons who are not in your followers or following list will not check your post. If someone has blocked you, then you cannot give a private Instagram view on that account. There are many options to secure your account. You can also add your email address and mobile number so that no one can operate your account.

Let’s discuss some of the points which will help you to secure your account

Instagram has provided us with lots of options. If your account is public, then you can get a private Instagram view from any Instagram user. If you want to increase your followers and to follow, then you can keep your account public. Most of the people keep their Instagram account Private. Instagram has provided many options from which we can keep our Instagram account safe. Now we are discussing each feature in detail so that you can make your account private.

-Google security-

When you put Google security in your Instagram account, then no one can hack your account. It means that whenever someone will try to open your account by asking for the security code. The security code is mailed to your email address which you have uploaded in your account. When someone tries to take this step, you get to know because you get a mail regarding the security code. If you have less knowledge about the private Instagram view, then you should check its settings properly. It is the top-rated security everyone should have this in your Instagram account.

-One time password-

Whenever you add your phone number to your Instagram account, it will ask for a one-time password before signing in. If you do not put the password, then you cannot operate your account. It also helps to keep your account safe and secure. Putting privacy on your statement is mandatory nowadays. You should always add your mobile number so that the OTP will receive your name and we should never share it with someone else. 

-Keep changing your password- one of the simplest ways to make sure that your account is safe from hacking to keep your password changing regularly. The easiest way is always to use symbols in your password section so that the hacker does not have any chance to seek into your system. Moreover, we should also never log in to our social media on any other mobile phone because then also the chances of leaked information are increased automatically. 

Wrapping up with

To conclude this article here, we have discussed the privacy feature of Instagram. Keep your account private so that no one can meet your fake account by uploading your account’s content.

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