How To Choose An Electronic Tuner For Your Musical Instrument

When I first pick up guitar learning, the biggest problem I’m always facing is the difficulty of getting my instrument in tune. As a beginner, I’m unable to tune my guitar right by ear. I try to use a tuning pipe but it just somehow doesn’t seem to work. A friend of mine who had been playing guitar for several years, advised me to get electronic tuner to save all the trouble. Here are some of his advices to me when selecting the right electronic tuner for your musical instrument.


First you should consider your own budget. If you are just a beginner learning musical instrument, a tuner cost below $30 should be more than enough for you. However, do bear in mind that in many cases, what you pay is what you will get. You can’t really complain much about the quality of the lower budget tuner.


A cheap plastic tuner may not last for long if compare to those higher end model. Even though it tunes accurately, it might have limited life span. Sometimes a higher end tuner is indeed a lifesaver. It will keep you out from a lot of problems.


Some tuners pick up sounds from the background and might not able to give you an accurate reading. While other tuners may cost you $100, but it won’t give you this type of trouble. It will indicate the note that you are playing regardless of the string you are plucking it on.

After taking these advices, I started to do some research on the electronic tuners in music store and select the model which suit my budget and needs the best. The whole process was pretty easy since I’m already knew what type of tuner I’m looking for. With this little tuning device I have now on hand, my guitar is always in tune and it makes the whole learning process much more interesting than ever.

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