How To Drive Product Adoption Among Users For Enhancing Adoption Percentage

When product managers conceive and create a product or software, they need to work equally hard to drive its adoption amongst the users. Some of the best strategies that they can adopt for enhancing adoption curve in organic manner are:

  1. Prepare in-app experience enabled by behavior-based emails: Communicating with email is the best way to reinforce a product feature in the minds of the end users. If due to any reason, the app user abandons activity at any stage, the email telling about next step to do or advantages of next actions can help encourage users to complete the process. Sometimes, reminding to complete the process also makes it easier to accomplish the objective of a feature.
  2. In-feature walkthrough: With the help of a quick tutorial and in-feature walkthrough tooltip, the PMs can encourage users to derive the benefit feature intended to provide. Even the simplest of features can get more hits and usage when immediate help in contextual manner is provided to the user.
  3. Amazing first-time experience creation: First impression lays the direction of how users will respond to the app in future. So, one has to make the best use of this opportunity. Feature adoption software helps PMs in encouraging users to utilize the features exactly according to the purpose with tools like coach-marks, small questionnaire, etc.
  4. Creating targeted experience: A message is likely to get diluted if it is spread among the users for whom it is not meant. So, identifying the target audience and then creating target tooltips or tutorial material helps in improving adoption percentage.

The best feature adoption software is the one that can easily get with the app-environment and helps PMs complete the processes mentioned above. With the help of an effective adoption software, every feature contributes to the engagement value of the app or product.

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