Outdoor Electronic Signage Mounting Alternatives

When an electronic outside marketing solution is used, one of the main alternatives is how to mount the LCD screen and the equipment as well as the LCD enclosure.

With the increase in popularity, the need for mounting these units is essential that they are sturdy enough as the monitor can weigh up to 58 lbs with the enclosure weighing up to 100 empty, so getting the right mount is critical for both security and health and safety.

Free standing LCD enclosure mount.
As you can imagine the total weight for an outdoor electronic marketing can have a maximum weight of 150lbs, so the mounts offered that compliment the range of Monitor enclosures is intended to take these weights and are made for outdoor use.

The mounts come in numerous sizes and the base plate fastens to the floor, and the heavy-duty steel section that makes up the column is variable at 4″ intervals, the bracket is variable to take screens with a maximum VESA of 600 x 400.

Ceiling mount Flat screen casing Bracket.
The ceiling bracket fastens immediately to the ceiling and the pillar again is adjustable at 5″ intervals, the mounting frame will take screens from 26″ up to 60″ in size and there is a solution for a back to back layout.

The mounts are deliberate for strength and for the external use, you will never see any chrome on our goods that will discolor in the sun light and will spot with the rain.

If any part of a bracket is chrome you have to question if this for out-of-doors, as chrome brackets and stands are installed in the home not out-of-doors and if put outdoors the chrome plating will strip due to the elements.

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