Physical Product OR Digital Product? Build Your Audience And Sell Products Online

Communication across each corner of the world has become very simple and fast because of all the technologies in this internet era. This enables people without previous experience to sell online. Since many years ago, there have always been different types of products being sold through online including search engines, vertical/meta search engines, classifieds sites, niche specific forums, social media sites, and more.

Products may be actually a physical product such as a camera, a vacuum clean, a lawnmower, etc. When selling this type of product, you will need a warehouse to store the physical items, and a process to handle the fulfillment and shipping of the products for your customers. Selling physical products, whether it is hand-made by a designer (i.e. you or a hired designer), or it is when you purchased the item and re-packaged it for re-sell, it is highly changeable, and is extremely time consuming for your daily operation.

Whether your product is physical item or digital product, you will have to set up a website to display your product, the short and long descriptions, the product photos (even for a digital product), the attributes, and the price. Clickfunnels, WordPress, Wix, BigCommerce, Weebly, and Shopify are only some of the website builders or ecommerce platforms that you can launch your website.

One of the aspects you need to concern and plan ahead is to be able to get visitors (or traffic) to your website, and how long it is going to take your website to gather the audience you need for selling your product at a regular interval. Initially when budget is tight, being able to get visitors from free traffic sources will take you a long way. There are many, but usually search engine optimization, blogging, and a big part of content marketing may be placed in the category of free traffic.

Products may be informative and digital which are in their own league. This type of products does not need you to rent a warehouse for storage. You will not have to take care of the physical delivery. When your choice is to launch and sell a digital product, it means you will have to create one to begin with. You will need to create a product that can sell. During the creation process it will require you input your knowledge, past experience, talent, opinions, and passion. Typically, your first digital product may have come through one of the categories including eBook, Software (web app, or mobile app), music, videos, photos, digital art, documents, courses/classes, and more.

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