The Best Action Games For Budding Adventurers

If you are looking for a Christmas present for fans of action and adventure games, Death Stranding will be a great idea here! We have already tested the game  and taking control of Sam Porter Bridges, alias “Daryl” from The Walking Dead, takes us on a strangely exotic and gripping post-apocalyptic journey! The game then forces us to make tons of deliveries in a dilapidated America, in particular in order to reconnect a part of the remaining civilization. Punctuated by a high-flying cast and an excellent achievement, Death Stranding is a title as strange as it is fascinating. That must therefore be tested.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: The Reboot That Is Going Well

In the series of first-person shooters , Call Of Duty marks the occasion and brings out its old Modern Warfare for a much more mature and realistic reboot . The game then takes part in conflicts ranging from the Middle East to Russia and London, to offer adjusted and optimized sequences compared to the previous opus. The engine of the game has also been revisited, the gameplay is still as nervous, the multi is still as entertaining and this Call Of Duty Modern Warfare thus remains a must to place at the foot of the tree to please the many fanatics of FPS!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

We stay in shooting games with the very good Ghost Recon Breakpoint! Third-person action game Ghost Recon propels us into the heart of a fictional island in the center of the Pacific Ocean. In a particularly varied, hostile and mysterious open world , the player then faces several enemies throughout the adventure. With its enticing multi-mode, the game also offers the possibility of having a fairly pleasant social experience by playing the campaign with your friends! What makes Ghost Recon Breakpoint a really interesting title to spend the Christmas holidays for example. You can get these games from stores where you Good rate roblox top up (เติม roblox คุ้ม which is the term in Thai)

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