The health issue which is more of a life style issue

Do you know what the second most common health issue is across the globe? Well, the answer as per the health reports from world health organization is the problem of constipation. Now when it comes to the problem of constipation, a common saying that goes around is that constipation is not a health problem rather a lifestyle problem. Now you may think what does life style has to do with constipation. To understand the basic problem and why there is an existence of such a notion, one must look at the reasons for constipation. The most common reason for constipation is hemorrhoids.

What are hemorrhoids? And how can you get it?

 Hemmerhoids are mainly inflation of the bile duct just above ( around 1-2 cm) the anal opening. Hemmerhoids could be a genetical phenomenon which means that you can have hemmerhoids if your parents had it. Another reason which led to the origin of that saying is the problem of life style. This is to say that in case you consume a large amount of junk food and do not have carbohydrates to supplement your regular diet then you can develop hemmerhoids and constipation.

What is hemorrhoidectomy is? And how to prepare for it?

Now that you know what hemmorhoids are and how you can get them, it is time you know what you can do to get rid of this problem. Though hemmorhoids are not fatal but the discomfort it can create to one’s regular life is imaginable. So there are basically three ways with which your hemmorhoid problem can be solved. The first one is by injection; in this case, you are injected with anti inflammatory drugs to give you relief. Another way is by operations, now this operation can be laser Operation or normal surgery can also be done. The third way is through rubber bands. And the last way is by changing duet. Among these options the most opted option is the operation one or hemorrhoidectomy ( ผ่าตัดริดสีดวง ,which is the term in Thai). If you are in Thailand and wants to get hemorrhoidectomy then know more about the procedure and then select the best surgeon from Honestdocs. To know more from their articles do visit their official website.

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