Things to Avoid When You Follow-up with Church Guests

Engaging with church guests and following-up with them regularly is very important. You need to sustain the guests to run your church properly. There are many ways of following-up with your church guests. 

You can keep in regular touch with your church guests through emails, texts, events, etc. You can also ask them to volunteer for church events. There many other ways to follow-up. But there are also some things you should avoid when you are following-up with the church guests.

Do Not Follow-up without a Plan

Do not avoid following up with your guests. When you do not give the attention that they need, they will not return to the church as they will feel ignored. Instead, plan or create a system to keep in touch with your guests regularly. However, do not push them too much to communicate with you as some may take a little longer to get comfortable and start communicating. 

Use an Automated System to Communicate

Managing a church is not an easy task, especially because a lot of administrative and other things are involved in managing it. Hence, it is advisable to choose a church management software that will also help you in church guest follow-up. When you automate your process, it becomes easier to follow-up without any problems or without missing anyone. 

You can customize the emails or texts and ensure that they are sent out automatically without the need to manually follow-up with them. It may sound convenient, but make sure that you are also communicating with them to give them a feeling that you care.

Avoid Not Working in a Team

When you are dealing with your church guests, there are chances that you may miss out on some guests. So, seek the help of your staff and plan a strategy or ways to follow-up with your guests. This will help in not missing out on any of your church guests. Your team also helps your guests in communicating with each other through your mailing lists. 

Do Not Talk a Lot with the Guests

Talking is a very important part of communication. But talking too much is not. Communicate well through your emails and chatting with your guests to give them a clear picture. However, make sure you also listen to guests and answer their questions. This will help them in feeling that you are there to listen to them and not just promoting your church. 

So, whatever method you choose your church guest follow-up, make sure that you are engaging your guests and listening to them.

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