Tips to Help You Boost Your Search Rank

With a little effort and technique, you can boost your rank on Google without spending money. Here are few ways to help you rank high on Google ‘s first page (More info, which is the term in Thai).  

Improve Your site’s User Experience

The most common ranking factors include site visits, time spent on site, pages visited per session, and bounce rate. All these factors are directly affected by the experience your site is delivering your users. A user-friendly and enjoyable website that offers relevant information will attract more visitors, and visit more pages with less bounce rate; thereby helping you rank high.

Create Quality Content Optimized for SEO

Creating great content on your site is a proven way to boost traffic and rank high. It helps to create contents that are mistake-free, rich in keyword, mobile-optimized, constructed to address your target audience’s needs, with the inclusion of links that are valuable to additional external and internal content.

Gain More Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your site and are very significant Google ranking factors. Backlinks from high-authority domains reveal your website’s authority, attract traffic, and boost your search ranking.

Fix Broken Links

Endeavor to see that your site has quality links, this is a proven way to improve traffic and raise your website’s authority, your users certainly do not enjoy the experience of encountering broken links and this can hurt your ranking. Always try to find broken links on your site and fix them.

Raise Your Page Speed

Mobile page speed was just included as a ranking factor recently, Although it is believed the page speed only affects a few sites, it doesn’t hurt to improve your page speed. This helps raise you to rank higher and deliver a good user experience.

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