Ultimate guide to schedule Instagram posts in year 2020

Today Instagram has 1+ billion active monthly users. For succeeding and rising above the noise the marketing on this app has to be highly dedicated and organized. Apart from the sponsored of posts, lucrative promotions and giveaways, it is also the content which plays an eminent role in pulling audience. Everyone has understood the relevance of content but didn’t realize how crucial the content scheduling actually is.

Steps to maximize potential of Instagram posting

Let’s have a look at few of the best ways to maximize the potential of your Instagram posting

Create and curate content

When you are developing your own content for this social media platform, one of the best tactics to maximize the time is to possess the shoot days. This is the time when you will be developing a bunch of content for the profile in just a single day. So whether you are developing the filler content or developing the comprehensive product pictures, thinking ahead of the time will definitely assist you in planning better and creating best content flow in the Instagram feed.

Determine most appropriate time to post

Well it you really strive to beat the social media algorithm this year, then you are required to optimize the time of posting. This has to be done when most of the followers are actually online. Since this social media app is now prioritizing the fresh content on the user’s feed then the best way to get the content in front of the followers is to post when majority of them are active and scrolling the app.

Plan out Insta feed

Now that you know when the audience is mostly active and you have already collected awesome content that represents your organization, the best step you have to take before the scheduling of the posts is to actually plan out the feed. It is extremely crucial to actually plan out the overall look of feed in order to achieve more user engagement and attract a large number of followers to your account. This is done by dragging and dropping the pictures on to your visual planner and rearranging it for finding out how it will actually look in the feed. At last all you have to do is to save in for the purpose of scheduling. This whole procedure makes it extremely easier to develop the seamless and also the visually appealing feed that is surely going to attract good number of followers.

Scheduling posts

For quickly scheduling the Instagram posts, just utilize tools like combine scheduler. It serves as one of the best solution for scheduling all the posts and stories on this social media channel. The tool facilitates you to develop queue on the basis of finding best time for posting and then scheduling the bulk posts at just once.


When you want to strengthen the presence of your brand, then it is extremely vital to schedule all your Insta posts. Another tactic to achieve more exposure and gain visibility on this social media channel is to buy real Instagram followers from social media marketers. The company delivers you real and authentic followers instantly. You can also buy more Instagram likes and give your profile an instant recognition and visibility in the world of social media.

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