Use this secret ninja trick to improve your SEO rankings

Every blogger struggles in the beginning to get his blog on the first page of Google. Due to a lack of traffic and not enough content, it is quite hard to rank your blog on the first page of Google in the initial stage. But what happens when you start to get good enough traffic and put a lot of content on your blog? Did you make it to the top or are you still struggling to get to that first page?

What could be the reason for your low ranking?

You might be using the right keywords in your niche that your competitors are using but maybe the keywords you are using have too much competition already. If you are using just one or two words keywords, it will take you a decade to compete with the giants in the market. Big companies have separate offices and teams for SEO purposes. They have plethora of content and backlinks at a lot of places. How can you outrun them?

Step out of the competition and create a way for yourself

The first thing you need to do is to step out of that competition. It is almost impossible to beat those big companies in the race of one or two words keyword race. But you can use a different approach. Try long-tail keywords. Try to focus on keywords that have like five-six words. People’s searches become more specific with these keywords and you can help them in a better way if you focus on them.


 SEO company is a keyword but best seo company in thailand is a long-tail keyword. If you try to focus on such keywords, you will notice that competition is not much. Almost all the big companies are focusing on the global audience leaving room for you to focus on your local audience.

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