What Are The Best Mobile Advertisement Formats?

Mobile advertising is a way to place your message at the correct moment in front of the correct audience in the correct place. You spend your money, time and effort turning people them into users that are qualified and loyal. Using mobile advertisements helps you to reach the largest target audience that is possible, target them better and get better impressions.

Yes, mobile advertisements definitely helps you a lot with your app’s success. But you should know about the mobile ad formats first. We listed the best mobile advertisement formats for you. Let’s start!

Banner Ads

Banner ads is the most common mobile ad format. They appear at the top or bottom of the screen in the form of a bar, box or column with text and graphics. Besides being secure and simple, they are easy to afford and easy to launch, so many individuals prefer it.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media advertisements include sophisticated features like videos, audios, GPS, etc. The are also known as ‘’multimedia banner’’ With their dynamic and interactive structure, it is a good format for ambitious advertisers. 

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are interactive advertisements that cover the entire screen. They are presented at an app’s transition points like when an app is being loaded or closed.

Because they are shown on fullscreen, they really draw the attention of users on themselves.

Native Ads

These advertisements, as you can understand from their name, resemble the organic content of the platform which they appear on. Because they look native and don’t look like an ad, using them is a fabulous way to get users’ attentions without bothering them.

Video Ads

Video ads show video materials that is played when a user engages with an app or knowingly and voluntarily opens it. It needs a greater budget than others, but it provides a greater rate of engagement.

All these ad formats require different sizes. You can find out about their sizes from here.

We listed the best mobile advertisement formats. They are really helpful with the success of applications. But they need to be implemented professionally in order to get the maximum results. You can click here to find out more about mobile advertising and get the maximum results.

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