What is the basic relationship between Lorawan and Lora gateway


LoRaWAN and LoRa gateway share a close and somewhat similar relationship. Let us start with what the terminologies literally mean.

The modification that LoRa gateway used is based on CSS, i.e., chirp spread spectrum. It doesn’t carry large power characteristics but it can also be utilised for communication that goes long-range. It can also be used for connection between devices, gateways, machines and so on. LoRaWAN, on the other hand, uses proprietary protocol and uses LPWAN connectivity.

It is heavily talked about because of its huge transmission spectrum and it doesn’t use much power. It is highly resistant to interference as well. It happens so because of the wireless modulation it uses which is established for space and military industry.

LoRa Gateway

LoRa gateway is used to power the wireless modulation and it assists in ascertaining a wide variety of communication among devices. The CSS system is what it is dependent on. The objective was as reasonable as to build LPWAN. This is because it increases communication among devices.

LoRa gateway allows the operator of an Internet of Things network to trade and communicate data rate for enhanced power and spectrum for optimization of the (performance-based) networks.

What do we understand about LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN formulates a fast, sustainable, reliable, and secure network as well as tremendous bandwidths along with a substantial mobile network. LoRaWAN and LoRa gateway are often confused together to be similar which is not traditionally true. It offers a technology of radio modulation specifically for wireless networks. LoRaWAN is a proprietary protocol using LoRa.

LoRa as well as LoRaWAN are categorised under LPWAN which is a non-cellular protocol and wireless communication network.

Both the networks, LoRa as well as LoRaWAN can be distinguished by the argument that former is the child spectrum radio modification technology and uses LPWA networks of LoRaWAN.

Both LoRa and LoRaWAN are used by many and have enormous consumers, particularly in Europe.

Many Internet of Things projects which influence LoRa and LoRaWAN were positioned before LPWA was approved.

LoRa, as well as LoRaWAN, were accessible in many countries of the European continent since the advent of the year 2016. So, it is evident that both have European ancestry. 

It offers long-range connectivity by connecting devices for as long as 30 miles apart even in dense areas or in rural areas. LoRa gateway also demands very less energy and its battery life is around 10 years long. This way, it lessens the expenses and that goes into the replacement of the battery.

LoRa gateway works with end-to-end encryption and authentication. It heavily prioritises confidentiality, safety as well as protection. It allows GPS-free tracking and also offers low power advantages and maintains proper communication with devices in motion. This is done with very little to no strain on the consumption of power.

LoRa gateway supports a large number of messages in a single base station. This way, it easily meets the needs of operators in public networks who are responsible for servicing huge markets.


It can, thus, be concluded that LoRa gateway and Swisscom LoRaWAN, despite not sharing a one-to-one relationship with one another, are still very closely associated. The fundamental aim of the LoRa gateway is to power and strengthen wireless modulation. It also establishes a broad range of communication among devices.

It limits the investment that goes in infrastructure too. This is also coming from the fact that it helps reduce the costs that go on replacing the batteries.

In comparison, LoRa and LoRaWAN, when kept in contrast to each other, LoRa is the child spread spectrum radio modulation technology which is used in LPWA networks of LoRaWAN.

They are extensively used by people particularly in Europe.

Many Internet of Things projects which influence LoRa and LoRaWAN were positioned prior to the authorization of LPWA. The LoRa gateway is a radio modulation technology that is for wireless networks for LAN coming under the category of LPWA. Swisscom LoRaWAN is a protocol or a network that uses the LoRa gateway.

Both work with extreme certainty and prioritize safety and security. They are sustainable and endurable as well. Satisfaction of the end consumers is its primary and fundamental aim. Another similarity to note here, as mentioned above, is the fact that both LoRa and LoRaWAN have their set of backgrounds in European nations. They were easily available seven years back in 2016.

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