What to do when your laptop won’t boot

Have you ever been in a situation when your laptop won’t boot? If yes, you understand how annoying it is. You don’t know what to do in this condition. Don’t worry, this article is just meant for your help. It has some actions suggested by laptop repair experts that you can take when your laptop is not at all ready to turn on. Additionally, here is the best alternative to resolve this problem- laptop repair at home by professionals.


Before you start looking for ‘laptop repair near me’ and hire experts to resolve this problem, here is something that you can do on your own and try to fix the problem.

  • Remove the power cord to cut the electricity supply to the laptop
  • Find the position of your laptop’s battery and remove it from the case
  • It’s time to switch the device off by pressing the power button for around 20-30 seconds
  • Now, put the battery back inside the laptop’s body
  • Attach the power cord and check whether it boots or not

This is a quick hack to fix a laptop that won’t boot. It works for most of the users. The reason behind the effectiveness of this technique is the residual energy of every laptop. Every laptop has some residual energy that it consumes when there’s no external energy provided to the device. When the power button is pressed for some time, the laptop has sufficient time to drain itself for all the external power and utilize its residual power.

However, there is no fixed rule that will work for all users. If it doesn’t work in your case, you are left with only one alternative- laptop repair in Delhi.


When you hire experts for laptop repair at home to boot up your laptop, they will do certain things. Their actions include:

  • Check the Electricity Supply
  • Check the Screen for any Issues like faulty LCD panel, failed inverter, etc.
  • Unplug or remove USB drives as well as memory cards
  • Use a Rescue disk
  • Safe Mode Booting
  • Look for Faulty Hardware

All these techniques need proper skills and knowledge for effective results. This is why you should always seek help from laptop repair service techs when your device doesn’t boot up.

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