What You Can Accomplish with a Network Penetration Test

What are Black Box, Grey Box, and White Box Penetration Testing ...

Company networks require extensive security schemes and measures that block out attackers. From day one, the network must be secured and monitored at all times. Even one small vulnerability can give an attacker a chance to steal data and start major issues for the business. A network penetration test shows the company where to start when protecting the network. 


Locating Security Risks at Accelerated Rates


Locating security risks at an accelerated rate gives the network administrator time to react and stop the attacker from stealing data. The penetration tests show the administrator where the vulnerabilities are in the network. Once the risks are identified, the administrator takes immediate action to shut off access and restore security for the network and all its connections. Faster discovery can prevent a major loss for the company and lowers risks to the customers and their data.  


Keeping the Network Compliant IT Standards


Keeping the network compliant IT standard prevents the company from facing penalties for violations. The network administrator completes penetration tests and evaluations to ensure that the network is compliant with the current IT standards. Each time the federal government releases more IT standards, the network administrators must follow the new guidelines and make vital changes to the network and all equipment that connects it and establishes an internet connection. Reviewing IT standards more frequently helps the administrator monitor the network for changes and implement the changes as necessary. 


Preventing Downtime for the Company Network


Preventing downtime for the company network prevents the company from completing everyday tasks. A shutdown prevents workers from completing their work duties and shuts the company off from customers and business partners. Completing a pen test shows the administrator what is causing downtime and prevent these events from occurring. Business owners can learn more about how a pen test can help by visiting https://blog.cobalt.io/what-to-know-about-pci-dss-11-3-pentest-compliance-1637c1391497 right now. 


Reputation Management for the Company


Reputation management prevents customers from getting a negative image of the company. If a security breach happens, customers are at risk of identity theft and serious financial losses. Unfortunately, even if the authorities catch the thief, there isn’t a guarantee that the customer will recover the funds. This could damage the company in the public eye and cause customer loss. Pen tests can help the company find potential risks that could damage their reputation and cause financial losses. 


Mitigating the Financial Risks of a Security Breach


Mitigating the financial risks of a security breach helps the company protect itself and its data. If an attack happens, the company will lose money even if no data was stolen. If the data was corrupted or if the systems were shut down, the company must initiate disaster recovery. While it is effective, it is not free, and the company will suffer a loss because of it. 


Managing the company network requires the network administrator to mitigate risks on an ongoing basis. The network must remain compliant with all IT standards, or the company faces penalties. Penetration tests offer an opportunity to test the network and improve its security. 

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