A Guide to Cloud Backup Solutions for Business Seattle

In today’s modern age, information needs to be backed up securely in the event of hardware or software crashes, stolen devices, and other problems that can cause data to be corrupted or lost on the initial device. The best solution for backing up data is through cloud backup solutions, which ensure that data is kept securely in a digital cloud. If you are in need of cloud backup solutions for business Seattle, consider the following guide that will help you understand the many benefits of this particular backup solution.

Benefits of Cloud Backup Solutions

There are many benefits to using cloud backup solutions. The primary benefit is that your data will be securely backed up on a remote cloud that can be accessed from anywhere in the world; this remote cloud cannot be destroyed in fires, floods or other accidents, nor can the remote cloud be corrupted in the same way that a physical device such as a computer or hard drive can be corrupted.

It’s important that your business’s data is kept secure and safe in a remote location in case the data on the original devices is lost or corrupted. With a backup in place, you won’t have to panic if an electrical surge corrupts files or if your computer system is destroyed by water leakage; you’ll be able to have the data available from the cloud in minutes.  

Another benefit of cloud backup solutions is that since the cloud can technically be accessed anywhere in the world, it is possible to backup data which needs to be accessed by employees, team members, shareholders or even clients that are in different locations. They will be able to easily access the data from the comfort of their own office or home, without needing to come all the way to your place of business to retrieve a file. 

Options for Cloud Backup Solutions

There are several notable options when it comes to backup solutions for your business. The following are the 3 most common options that modern businesses today chose to use for their backup solutions.


Amazon Web has a backup solution available for both private and commercial account holders. This is a great option to use if you prefer to use Amazon services, as Amazon is one of the leaders in the retail and tech industry and using them for remote cloud data backup can be a way to integrate your other Amazon services into the business.


Another option is Google, which has several cloud backup solutions available at a variety of different data sizes. Google is arguably the largest provider of data backup in the world, so it is no surprise that many businesses choose Google for their needs.

Private Cloud Servers

Finally, you can opt to use private cloud servers that aren’t from the big name companies like Apple and Google. These may cost more, but they are a good option for businesses that deal with highly sensitive information that needs to be encrypted further than the options from Google and Amazon allow.

If you are in need of cloud backup solutions for your business, contact a professional company to help you make an informed choice today.

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