Amazon Releases Support for Arabic Language Books

Here’s good news for all the Arabic language authors: now they have a very easy spot on Kindle.

On Tuesday, Amazon said that the Kindle has a rising selection of more than 12,000 Arabic language books. And the digital selection is easily available on the Kindle devices and also on the free Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and also in Amazon’s Fire tablets.

However, the Arabic language authors don’t get lots of opportunities in the e-book world, whether it’s might due to a basic lack of support for the language or due to the difficulty of allocating the books in their first place.

Amazon may be making it easier for the Arabic author’s, though by launching support for the Arabic language books on the Kindle devices and applications, which including a dedicated section on the Kindle Store. The texts will support all the same font adjustment, also the search and highlighting features that you would expect in some other languages, while above 12,000 books are available around the world.

Although, the initial e-book selection spans both popular authors like Nizar Qabanai, classics such as Ibn Khaldoun’s Muqadimah and also the translations of English hits like the Philosopher’s Stone and the Harry Potter. So the Authors can self-publish through the Kindle Direct Publishing.

The accumulation may be more significant than you think. An Al-Fanar Media noted that a successful Arabic language book might sell 1,000 to 3,000 copies on an average, and that’s also a combination of the limited distribution, and sometimes the squat purchasing power made access to difficult even with the Arab world’s high literacy rate. The Amazon’s scale and the digital distribution might help address by making some books which are widely available at the prices lower than you see with the printed works.

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