Do You Know Your Website Health Status?

As a business owner or marketing manager in charge of a website, you will testify that running a website comes with many responsibilities. You have to keep it healthy, do major cleanups and update it constantly to avoid lags. But when you have the right tools for this, it becomes an easy task. 

Implementing health checkups on your website at the beginning of the year and expecting the site to do marvelously well is not just enough. Some changes are needed and you will have to do them yourself. Some of these changes include adding a new page to your site, checking links being gained or lost, checking for content duplicates and other mitigating factors. Losses can arise when you leave your websites in bad health for long due to affected rankings, thus intensifying the need for weekly health checkups to ensure that the website is in perfect working condition and performing well.

Is checkup really necessary?

It is very easy to run a successful website but it still requires constant checks and housekeeping to make sure everything is perfect. With an effective health check on your website, you can ensure that your website;

  • Represents your brand and your business, product, your theme, or your blog effectively.
  • Makes use of every opportunity to turn visitors into customers.
  • Makes sure the ROI of your time and investment is healthy.
  • Gets the attention of the audience needed for your products and services
  • Meets the overall desires and expectations of your customers and website visitors.

We will go through five ways to check your website’s health and status.

Check your site speed- your page visitors simply do not have the patience to stick around slow loading pages in your website. User behavior of websites also influences Google ranking of websites so you need to optimize your websites to load under two seconds.

Mobile-friendliness – most people use their mobile devices to access websites, so you definitely would want them to enjoy their stay on your website irrespective of the device in use.

Use compelling and readable contents– content is key in any website so you will have to use the best of contents to convey your ideas to your site visitors. Describe your products clearly, create a clean copy, and include a call to action. Don’t use jargon. Avoid using languages outside the reader’s comprehension.

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