Insurance Software Released Exposed Clients’ Data Stored on S3 Bucket

An insurance software is offering the exposed clients’ private or essential data that it had stored on an Amazon an easy Storage Solution (S3) bucket.

As the information of  ZDNet, The founder of AgentRun, Andrew Lech is confirmed the breach through an email to the insurance agency management software organization’s clients.

At the time of research, the S3 bucket is leaked with password protection, and it is an excellent chance to because of that, any criminal can search and find any details, which are the included medical information, financial information, and insurance policy documents. Many of those items are full-filled with people’s personally identifiable information (PII) including their names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, Social Security Numbers, Medicare cards and even their bank checks are also included in these items.

In short, the leak has compromised with thousands of files or folders detail which are the involving in Cigna, TransAmerica, Safeco Insurance, Schneider Insurance, Manhattan Life and Everest.

But the insurance software provider has blocked the leaky bucket within some seconds of the disclosure.

Not only AgentRun wasn’t the first victim of an S3 storage breach. In 2017, the Pentagon, Verizon, the National Federal Credit Union and others all facing these same conditions.

To stop an S3 storage breach, in the present, many organizations are realized the importance of evaluating the configuration settings for their S3 buckets and other cloud-based storage assets. In all of them, some methods are not enough for others for manual evaluation processes, such as, often require lots of time and resources, and they can still miss crucial gaps.

Organizations don’t be forgetting anything up to chance when it comes to their S3 buckets. Besides this, they need to get into a solution like a Tripwire’s Cloud Management Assessor which is a good capability to check and see if any S3 storage files are exposed automatically.

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