Few Important things you need to know about Multi Core Processors

A multicore processor is a special type of computer processor, which is built on a single integrated circuit, which comes with two and sometimes, more than two processing units; which are known as cores.  Each of these cores are designed for reading and executing different types of program instructions. These instructions are simple CPU instructions like move data, add and branch; however, the single processor is capable of running instructions on the separate cores simultaneously. This helps to increase the overall speed for the programs which support different types parallel computing mechanisms and multithreading. The manufacturers of these processors integrates all the cores in one integrated circuit die, which is known as CMP or Chip Microprocessor. These days, the processors which are used in laptops and PCs are mostly multi-core microprocessors.  

What is the difference Between Single and Multi Core Processors?

A single processing unit is known as a core. When it comes to multi core processors, they come with multiple different processing units. For an example, a Dual Core 3.0 GHz processor comes with two different processing units, and each of them have a clock speed of  3.0 GHz. This means that compared to a single processor, the programs on a system will be executed and run at a speed, which is 6 times faster!

What are the Advantages of Multi Core Processor?

It is quite evident, that a multi core processor comes with tons of different types of benefits. Here are some of them

  • Compare to single core processors, they are capable of completing more volume of work.
  • When it comes to applications with multi threads; these are the best options
  • They are capable of using a very low frequency to complete simultaneous work.
  • These processors are capable of processing more data as opposed to singe core processors.
  • With these processors, it is possible to execute more than one program at the same time.
  • Both the processors are built in the same chip. This comes as a huge advantage, as the data need not travel a long distance, which saves a lot of time, and make the system very fast.
  • When it comes to multi core processors, the Printed Circuit Board, or the PCB needs little amount of space.

These are some of the major advantages of using multi core processors. They have proven to be very efficient in handling huge volume of data, running different programs at the same time and executing them. Supplemented with sufficient capacity of RAM, a computer can run a lightning speed with these processors in place. New and upgraded versions of multi core processors are available, which comes with even more advanced features and functionalities.

While running big applications, the wait and irritation of the system getting hanged is over. With the help of multi core processors, things have become more faster and smoother.

Few Multi Core Processing

Here are a couple of common applications which require multi core processing

  • 3D Gaming
  • Video Editing
  • CAD

Besides, there are various other applications which cannot be executed without a multi core processor.

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