How Location-Based Augmented Reality Revolutionizing The Gaming Community

Location-based AR games have been in the industry for many years, but it has only been in the last 5 years that this technology has changed the gaming industry. Location-based AR permits gamers to connect with their games uniquely. This technology has opened up various boxes of possibilities for other industries searching to modify their platforms and enhance customer experiences. Let’s have a glimpse at the possibilities of this technology and what the future holds for it in the gaming arena. 

What Is The Difference Between location-based AR & Virtual Reality?

AR gaming combines audio and visual content with the user’s environment in real-time to develop an engaging environment for the user no matter their location. This varies from VR technology which often needs the user to be in a particular room or in a confined space that has a pre-set playing field. Location-based augmented reality analyzes the user’s current location utilizing a GPS technology along with a in-built accelerometer and digital compass. For knowing more about online games, get redirected here.

While virtual reality games predominantly need headsets to play, most augmented reality games do not need the utilization of headsets or peripherals to experience the gameplay. Rather, the action is completely baked into the device’s interface. The location-based AR interface works with modern devices that have sensors. When the gamer is playing the AR game, the sensors in the mobile device deliver queries that provides user’s geo-markers to the game’s server to analyze the points of interest. 

Notable Location-Based AR Games

Countless AR games have been released over the years, but the games wasn’t accepted until the addition of location-based features. Game developers were able to execute AR technology in gaming app utilizing GPS enabled smartphones that can determine the exact location of a player as they move across their neighbourhood and complete various tasks. Developers assumed that this was a perfect opportunity to convert the invented world in reality and set off to create the future. 

This technology has changed the environment of gaming industry that now gamers find themselves engaging with games in the server as well as in the real life. 

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