How to accomplish Fortnite season 7 week 5 Dancing on tower event

Fortnite’s latest season 7 week five challenges are out, and fans of Fortnite are excited and pumped to accomplish the recently introduced challenge series.

One of the easiest means to gather Battle stars and accessories in Fortnite is by completing various events introduced by Epic Games on regular bases.

In addition to these events, the latest challenge is available for Fortnite players in which players are required to use dance emotes on the top of three different towers.

Players who are looking forward to improving their tire ranking positions can complete this task of dancing and very easily boost their rank up. You can refer to the given below quest details to accomplish this task.

1.    Water Tower

The first tower on which you require to show your dance moves is the “Water Tower”. The players of Fortnite will be needed to head towards the Retail Row, and at the south-east of this location, you will be able to spot a metallic structure.

This metallic structure is the water tower which you require dancing on. As there are no stairs to access at the water tower your best bet is to land on it from the battle bus directly, or you can create a ramp to reach at the top of it to perform your dance moves.

2.    Range Tower

For your second location to complete this challenge, you require to perform a dance move on the Range Tower.

 You will easily spot a tall structure at the south of the Lonely Lodge where you can climb up through stairs or build a ramp to reach the top of the tower.

You can opt for directly jumping on the tower from the battle bus in order to accomplish this task and then head to the other three locations.

3.    Air traffic control tower

In order to complete this quest, you are required to dance on the third and last tower, which is the air traffic control tower.

Air traffic control tower is a red coloured tall tower with stair spiralling around it, which is near the runway around the airplane hangar situated at the Frosty Flights.

You can opt for any of the means to reach on the top of the tower. It is better suited to use the stairs as you can save up on those resources for later to build defensive structures.

As you perform your dance move at the top of the third tower, you will complete your quest to dance on the towers.

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