How To Completely Disappear Online?

Are you tired of embarrassing things that show up when potential recruiters look your name up? Sick of your lenders knowing where you live? Perhaps it is time to begin anew.  For whatever reason, you’ve decided to obliterate your former life, suspend all ties, and delete yourself from the internet.

For regular people, disappearing online is incredibly easy. Here is how to disappear online completely:

Find out what information is out there

The first thing to do in order to withdraw online is to check what info about you is available on the web. Conduct a quick web search and see what comes up. If you have a somewhat common name, restrict the search by your country only. Do the same with your email. Search your email address on Google and see what pictures, videos, and other information the search generates.

Conceal Your Footsteps

Before you start shutting down your online accounts, remember that: even if you disable all the public profiles and delete your email addresses, a digital breadcrumbs trail will be left behind. Therefore, use TOR to cover your footsteps.

Stop using social networking platforms

Removing all that is possible from the social profiles then deleting them all together can be an excellent beginning for discarding your digital trail. While certain social media websites may not give the option to cancel your account manually, however, all the leading social networking websites allow the users to remove their accounts in one way or the other.

Figure your way out of accounts which cannot be deleted

Some websites do not let the user delete their profiles, requiring them to simply “deactivate or abandon” while their website information stays put. If you have a genuine reason for permanent account deletion like witness protection, then get in touch with the website administration. Even if they cannot delete the account altogether, they can change the identifying information to protect the real identity. There is another method to do so. You should delete all the information such as tweets, posts, pictures, and other data which you uploaded or shared from your accounts. Remove personal details and change those you cannot remove. Use different fake credentials in your separate accounts.

Create a new email using a free email provider

You should use obscure usernames while setting up a new email. Pick uncommon usernames such as Make sure that you have given false information about yourself. Link all of your undeletable online accounts to the fake email. Make sure to confirm each email address change as and when the prompt comes. Double-check to see that your original email address doesn’t surface at any place.

Delete your new email address

 Your existing online accounts will now be linked to an email which does not exist anymore. There is still a possibility that at some point in the distant future, anybody who picks the same email as will also attempt to set up a profile on the website you have just disengaged from, and he is likely to end up extremely baffled, however, it isn’t something which will cause you sleepless nights.

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