How to Create a Website For Several Purposes

Do you wish to establish an online business for a very long time but have no idea from where to begin? This article will take you close to your dream project that too in no time. Stop poking your nose here and there and ask yourself, “do I need a website?” If your conscience allows, then just go for it. It doesn’t really matter at what position you are; you may be the boss of a multinational corporation or just a novice, you will require a website to help the appropriate customers in finding you online. Failure to establish an online home is a failure to grow if you have a business.

Luckily, there is a massive number of web hosting services at your door. Choosing one is difficult.

Blogging for Fun and Profit

A blog is usually a unique website subset that is recognized from the familiar layout. New content stays at the top of the page, and older posts are placed down. If you want to start a simple website, then start with a blogging service. It is a great way to go.


One of the major players in the blog game is WordPress. It is a content management system that boosts several websites such as The New York Times etc. WordPress sites are unbelievably easy to set up and get updated regularly. You don’t require to learn about fancy schmancy tricks. There are plenty of free and paid WordPress themes to provide your website with a pretty face.

Yahoo’s Tumblr

It is yet another incredibly amazing platform that lends itself to more visible and shorter posts. You can look for themes that give you Tumblr site a great look of the website. Google’s blogger feature has integration with Google Adsense so good for you. New blog services like Feather, Anchor n Medium stress writing more. They are easy to update. These services can host your content free of charge.

Build Your Own Personal Brand

You only need a nameplate site or a personal webpage instead of a multi-page site. A personal site usually has links that go elsewhere to your wish lists, playlists, etc. Some of the examples of nameplate services are the and You just need to upload a big photograph as background for the web page. These sites help you in pulling images from the social networks then providing tools and links that work well. These services offer a premium tier that grants flexibility.

Stepping up to Self Hosted Services

When you want to proceed beyond the blogs, the online resumes or the page of links then which service you will choose? Three prominent are Dreamhost, HostGator and Hostwinds. You can start for only $10 a month. As your business will expand, your website will require greater horsepower. Now you should look for cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting.

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