How to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail?

Protection from online attacks and various viruses is the most important requirement of every device. However, viruses attacks and damage the system. Sometimes data which are stored in our system are very confidential and important for users. One common mail which is launched by Google name as Gmail, it is one of the best email services across the world.

Recently, it is used by millions of the people across the globe. You always need an email account for business or personal use, but by using Gmail, you can create an account within minutes. Google revolved out a new user interface for Gmail, which comes with some new functionalities and features. One outstanding feature is a way to send an email which is called Confidential Mode or Secret mode.

What does Confidential Mode do in Gmail

  1. It always allows you to send an email via Gmail very securely. As regards, it is potential to lock down an email with a password.
  2. You can easily choose an expiry date of your email whether it is a text, image, document or anything else. Formerly the date is accomplished, the content will expire automatically.
  3. You can also use your mobile number to formerly lock down the email content. Only one mobile number could be chosen by you, and the addressee will acquire a passcode, which will automatically unlock the email. Though this is not compulsory, if you choose, you cannot even forget the mobile number. Without that mobile number or password, it is impossible to open the message.
  4. In the last case, you cannot even forward the message to someone else. This option would be disabled by default. You cannot even download the attachment and not copy the content from your email body.

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Steps to Enable Confidential Mode in Gmail

To enable Confidential Mode in Gmail, you need to opt for the new Gmail layout or interface. As the old interface doesn’t have this option, follow the following steps to activate the new Gmail UI.

  1. Click to “Sign in” into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Setting icon visible under your profile.
  3. Choose and select try the new Gmail option.
  4. Now, reload your page with the new user interface.
  5. To send email in Confidential Mode, follow these steps.
  6. Click to open the “Compose” window option; you find a new option.
  7. Click on the available option.
  8. Now, set the expiry date, and SMS Passcode, you can also choose for SMS passcode option, where you require to enter a mobile number of your recipient.
  9. Then, select the recipient, and enter email body, attach the media file or do anything else.
  10. If you choose an SMS passcode option, click on the Send passcode button for receiving the code.

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