How to Listen to Radio on Amazon Echo

You love listening to the radio for the news, weather, sports and other special programs but what if you do not have any radio with you? It may happen that you do not have a radio at your home. Well, this issue can be resolved with the help of Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo can provide you a list of your favorite radio stations. Several skills in Alexa turns her into virtual disc jockey.

Launch Alexa App

  1. Open Alexa App on your gadget.
  2. Click the hamburger icon.
  3. Click skills.

Look for New Skills

  1. Click the Categories button.
  2. You will get radio stations and skills in categories for the Music & Audio and News.
  3. You can type Radio and track down the programs and stations.

Simple Radio

  1. Just speak up, Hey Alexa, and ask her to play name of the station.
  2. With the simple radio, you can request for more than 40,000 stations.
  3. You can even ask them to play specific genres or kind of programmes like news radio, sports radio, etc.

My Tuner Radio

Speak up- Hey Alexa asks My Tuner Radio to play name of the station. You can tune to more than 50,000 stations from 200 regions around the planet. You can even ask stations by genre like the jazz, rock or classical. You can also narrow down choices by saying Alexa ask my tuner Radio for best stations of Jazz. Alexa will come up with your favorite options.

Radio Paradise

Want to get surprised by various songs across the genres. Just say- Alexa, please play Radio Paradise. You will feel that an actual human being is attending you. If the song is pleasant to your ears, then ask Radio Paradise what is being played.

My Radio

Give Alexa command, Alexa, open My Radio. You can request any of the stations you want.

Radio Anchor

Are you a news freak? Want to know about the latest news from various sources. Just say- Alexa, Open Radio Anchor. Alexa would want to see what you want to hear. You can request for the top news, latest news or the world news. You will listen to a report from The New York Times, BBC, CBC and Voice of America and All India Radio.

Specific Stations

If you have a favorite radio station, then you may ask Alexa to play your favorite station directly. It will be played either through Amazon or a third party audio service like iHeart radio. Merely say, Alexa, Play name of the station. Radio-Locator is a helpful website for tracking down all the radio stations. You can seek out stations through call letters and location. 

Radio D- Day

Go back to hear the complete radio broadcast of D-Day invasion from the world war second. Just Say Alexa, open Radio D-Day. You will listen to the actual broadcast from that particular day. You can even skip broadcast by saying Alexa next.

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