How to Make your House Look Haunted with Philips Hue

With Halloween just a week away, why not scare up your Halloween lighting with Philips Hue. While everybody uses carved pumpkins, tombstones, webs, and other scary decoration to decorate your home, you can push the scare factor up a notch with smart lightning. Let’s see the different ways to scare your neighbors with your haunted house this Halloween with Philips Hue.

How to Make your House Look Haunted with Philips Hue

1- Make Good Use of Hue’s Terrible Greens

Well, the first and second generation Philips Hue bulbs are infamous for producing a horrible green glow. The light emitted is more of yellowish green shade, the same as bile. However, this ugly light color is perfect for Halloween.

When you change the light to the faint yellow-green, you can transform your residence into a mini haunted house. Open the Hue application, and with the help of the color picker, you can adjust the color if you wish. The ugly green light is capable of changing any regular place into bizarre spooky fest in a flash.

2- Go Crazy with the Strobe Mode

One can make a couple of amazing effects using the Philips Hue. For example, they can be strobed for simulating lightning. Just download the Hue Disco application on your Android or iOS device. While this application’s primary purpose is to sync the Hue lights to the music, however, it also comes with a Strobe mode that emits random flashes of dazzling white light.

Just turn on the Strobe feature for all the Hue bulbs to give your entire home a big eerie thunderstorm feel.

3- Create Scary Lightning Effect

 You can also use the Lightning effect and spook the trick or treaters when they walk by a motion detector or when you hit the Hue Labs button. When the effect is over, the lights will return to the older setting. If you turn on the Formula with the motion sensor, you will also be able to disable the lights in the absence of any motion.

4- Sync Hue Lights and Music for Halloween

Are you looking for variety? Well, in that case, you can do a lot of different things with your Philips Hue for Halloween. Just download the Hue Halloween app on your smartphone. This application comes with an array of sound as well as light effects that perform simultaneously along with multiple effects, such as scary piano melody couples with stuff such as whispering girl sound, evil witch’s laugh, thunderstorm, etc.

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