How to use Nintendo Switch to browse the internet?

Nintendo’s endeavour Switch changed the face of computer games and empowered game lovers with more accurate and real-time experience of gaming. It operates online, and gaming becomes faster and associative when you play the game with a friend or other participant who is very far from you. It is a hybrid user interface which can be used in static as well as movable mode. If you want to enjoy the game on the big screen, just connect your docking station with your PC monitor and be online to enjoy the game. If you want to play during your travelling or walking, Nintendo Switch has facilitated you to enjoy the game in its LCD screen.

Nintendo used to upgrade its feature after some period of time, and now, it facilitates data backup, uploading of a screenshot which holds your gaming score on social media platform, parental control and many other features to its user.

Now, let’s assume a situation where you have to surf something on the internet, and you have no other device than your Switch on which you are playing a game. We all know that Nintendo Switch enhances the gaming culture, but there is no web browser associated with it, which is a common complaint among fans and game lover.

 Here is the good news, now you can surf on it with some very common tips. Go through with the following step, and you can find a way to surf on your gaming gadget.

How to surf the internet on Nintendo Switch?

•    Go to the dashboard of your Nintendo Switch.

•    Move to the System setting on the dashboard.

•    Click on the internet option.

•    Go to internet setting option.

•    Select your Wi-Fi connection to which you want to connect with.

•    Connect your Switch with internet access.

•    Now, go to the setting page of your network.

•    Move to Change Settings.

•    Move downward until you find DNS setting option.

•    Select the DNS setting and change it to Manual from Automatic.

•    Choose your “Primary DNS” and change the setting.

•    Change the Primary DNS setting to

•    Save your settings and proceed to next.

•    Now, your Switch tries to connect with the present network.

•    It prompts a new screen asking for the registration.

•    Fill all required fields accordingly and proceed to the next step.

•    Click to the next button.

•    Now, you find a new screen known as Switchbru DNS page. Wait a while and then it will automatically launch the Google page.

•    Now, you can open the web browser on your Nintendo Switch.

•    After opening the web browser, bounce back to DNS settings of your network and change it again to Automatic mode from manual mode.

•    It will facilitate you with internet browsing very smoothly.

•    The above –mentioned steps are not in the default setting of your Switch, but it works as a smart hack to use internet on your playing gadget.

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