By Using your iPhones, Camera and Machine Learning, PA Software High-Quality Baseball Analytics

Matthew Bowen is the creator, and founder of PA Software, and a Baseball video analytics software, a startup which will bring the power and accurateness of multi-million dollars.

Matthew Bowen gets this idea, during his college year at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, for developing phone-driven baseball analysis software for the betterment of the country. He was just watching an Atlanta Braves game with his friends when ESPN’s K-Zone was popped up on the screen to display case where the ball was passed through the ‘strike-box.’

By Using your iPhones, Camera and Machine Learning, PA Software High-Quality Baseball Analytics

Many of the people have bared against the K-Zone being a permanent match on TV screens during baseball games, but Matthew Bowen proverb a problem that had solved yet.

These baseball analytics statistics are generated by the teams of professional statisticians, it was either from ESPN or other third parties for dedication to this kind of works. But these type of skilled data scrutinizers and collectors are not directly available during a team practice, whereas these kind of information might be very critical in maintaining or civilizing an individual players performance.

An amalgamation of Matthew Bowen’s love for the games trunking from his old days, a previous high school baseball player and always get support from his professors in the UA’s Emerging Scholars program, guide him to continue the research in computer vision especially for the sports applications. His research proves the base for him towards developing the two iOS applications for the world, Pitch Analyzer – Pitch Tracker and Hit AnalyzerHit Tracker, for those persons who are hitting or pitching a ball software and want to produce the high-quality data immediately through their iPhone. Any person want to record any information of a friend or teammate, by hitting or pitching a baseball software with the help of their smartphone, can upload the video footage to the hitting or pitching software application. Then, the application would then scrutinize the video through a trained neural network to conclude the ball’s velocity or pitch path and then report back the data to the users.

These two IOS applications depend on CoreML, Apple’s machine learning platform, to exploit the full potential of the iPhone’s graphics processing unit to supply the computational power which is needed to drive their neural networks.

A PA Software always believes that its all products have a  small number of core advantages over their competitors such as Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics, Rhapsody, and TrackMan. Cost is becoming one of the major factors where the PA Software wins, and some of the startup’s applications are available free of cost on the App Store.

Although the startup’s competitor’s products and services will run from a hundred’s to a duo of thousand in dollars. And secondly, their software moreover performs or even better than other traditional sensor-based motion tracking hardware, for calculating the velocity or trajectory of a pitched ball.

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