NetBase AI Tools for Social Media Monitoring

Targeting the right customers and discovering the most valuable insights are more accurate than ever before. This is the direct result of applications in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for social media monitoring tools. It is a successful method for planning strategies to achieve measured results. All companies with online operations that contend with large amounts of data can use AI monitoring tools and associated deep machine learning (ML) applications.

The Advantages of Social Media Monitoring Tools

The cost of employing SM monitoring tools pays for themselves over time. This is a direct result from time savings, increased operational efficiency, and improved cost reduction strategies. Such tools reliably boost the overall performance of marketing campaigns. They can protect the health and image of a brand. Crisis management also improves from timely actionable data.

Digital metrics are integral to the new social media monitoring tools that are now available to help companies with management and tracking. Improved brand awareness is among the key metrics that AI monitoring tools help an organization to leverage. This coincides with deeper customer insights. In this way, monitoring tools not only improve the details of data analytics but also elevates a company’s ability to leverage intangibles amidst the sea of trillions of online conversations.

How NetBase Helps Companies Reach Their Business Goals

NetBaseemploys artificial intelligence and deep machine learning (ML) to develop some of the most advanced tools in the industry. Its services help companies gather a broader range of data and make the best use of their resources. Broad applications of these tools have demonstrated great benefits in the following areas:

  • market research
  • product innovation
  • public relations
  • customer service

Specific Advantages of Deep Machine Learning for Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring tools are concerned with finding useful details amidst large amounts of data. This is how social analytics boosts the performance of online marketing campaigns. There are simply too many digital conversations and interactions for human beings to track and come away with a best course of action on their own.

AI provides a user-functional data interface and other tools that department managers can interact with and adjust to best suit their needs. Deep ML helps increase the understanding of the massive amounts of information. The field of social media monitoring has become so elaborate and powerful that more and more companies are seeking assistance to maximize their time savings vs. allocated costs. For example, some of the different solutions that NetBase offers its clients includes the following features:

  • more efficient customer acquisition strategies
  • improved brand health
  • more cost effective influencer marketing
  • better support for new product launches
  • selective targeting for innovation
  • reduce costs associated with customer care
  • real-time management of foreseen and unexpected crisis


AI social media monitoring tools are proving immensely valuable for ROI. This is the result of improved real-time, targeted analysis of cutting edge deep ML applied to customer insights. The key to all successful strategies are actionable data. They provide invaluable resources for companies wanting to gain and maintain a competitive edge. That’s how, for example, time tracking projects solutions help with task and project analysis. AI monitoring tools also assist scaling and bringing new products to market, as well as, with brand image. AI monitoring tools also assist scaling and bringing new products to market, as well as, with brand image. More and more companies should expect to use monitoring tools to leverage their online business.

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