New Privacy and Security Features Releasing for macOS 10.14 Mojave

In 2018 on Monday, in the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple has declared about the next version of its Mac OS operating system which is called Mojave.

Apple has released some of the latest features and updates of macOS 10.14 Mojave such as- Dark Mode, Group FaceTime, Dynamic Desktop, and Finder—at WWDC, and In spite of that, Apple has also released a package of new security and privacy features which will be introduced in coming next major macOS update.

The Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new features are coming in Mojave that are the inspired by pro clients, but it’s all are developed for everyone,” all will help to protect from various cybersecurity threats.

Below, you will see a list of all macOS Mojave security and privacy features.

Safari’s Enhanced “Intelligent Tracking Prevention”:-

Anyone is tracking no doubt in this that your online privacy is not secure, and everything which you have to search online—it’s all about because of third-party trackers which are the introduced on the Internet in the form of social media via like and sharing buttons, easily they are stealing marketers and data use to monitor web users as they browse.

But now, feel safe. Thanks to macOS Mojave, Safari has provided the “Intelligent Tracking Prevention”—a feature will limit the tracking ability of website by using many ad-tracking and device fingerprinting techniques.

Now automatically,  all of the new enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention will prevent any type of all third-party trackers with including social media “Like” or “Share” buttons, comment widgets from getting users details or information without their permission.

Safari will also help you to remove the “device fingerprinting” approach by exposing only generic configuration information of users’ device and default fonts.

End-to-End Encrypted Group FaceTime (Up to 32 People):-

It is indeed a significant and active security improvement, as at WWDC 2018, Apple has released the group FaceTime feature that will make you able to groups of 32 or fewer people video calls at the same time, which have end-to-end encryption just like the already existing one-to-one audio and video calls and group audio calls. It will help you to decrypt the data when it’s in transit between devices.

MacOS Mojave Will Alert When Your Camera & Mic Are Accessed:-

From the last few years, we are facing that, and cybercriminals have been growing some of the malware for Mac OS which is the targets built-in webcam and microphone to spy on users without detection.

To resolve this issue, macOS Mojave offers a new feature that will monitor your macOS webcam/microphone and alerts you with new permission dialogues, if an infected app will try to access the camera or microphone.

It is mainly designed to block malicious software from entering on these device features to spy on its users.

Excessive Data Access Request User Permissions:-

macOS Mojave also comes with similar permission requirements for apps to get the personal information like email database, message history, file system and backups.

By default, the macOS Mojave will secure your personal information, contacts, photos, Safari data, mail database, message history, iTunes device backups, calendar, reminders, time machine backups, cookies, and any more.

Secure (and Convenient) Password Management:-

We have already suggested all users make a secure and effective password to secure data. But now, you can make it easy with Apple, in macOS 10.14 Mojave and iOS 12.

While Safari in macOS has given secret word recommendations to years when clients are requested to make a login at a webpage, Apple has enhanced this component in a way that Safari presently naturally produces robust passwords, enters them into the internet browser, and stores them in the iCloud keychain when clients make new online records.

Beforehand, outsider secret key chief applications have done that quite a bit of errand, and now Apple is coordinating such functionalities specifically into the following real forms of both macOS and iOS.

The organization likewise reported another component that even banners reused passwords so clients can transform them, another interface that autofills one-time passwords gave by verification applications, and a system that offers passwords over the more significant part of a client’s adjacent gadgets, including iOS gadgets, Macs, and Apple TVs. 

MacOS Mojave Moves Software Updates from App Store to System Preferences:-

With the new macOS Mojave, Apple has additionally upgraded its Mac App Store a tad and moved the framework refresh component to the System Preferences from the Mac App Store.

Apple has reintroduced “Programming Update” choice in the System Preferences windows, enabling clients to refresh their working framework and local programming without opening the App Store.

Besides that, Apple has also cleared that Mojave will support legacy 32-bit apps with its last version of macOS to.

Similar High Sierra, users will find a dialog box while opening 32-bit apps in macOS 10.14 Mojave (beta1) with a message that “This app will not work with future versions of macOS.”

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