Social Media Optimization – How Is It Done and Why You Need It?

Social Media Optimization (SMO), as the name suggests is the use of Social media to attract more visitors from various social media such as Social Networking websites, blogs, forum etc. SMO is also known as Social Search Engine Optimization or Social SEO. Though, SMO is considered as a part of Search Engine Marketing but the emphasize is on drawing audience from sources other than search engines.

According to studies, time spent in social media activities like social networking, social gaming, blogging, forum posting by internet users constitutes one third of the total time spent by people on the internet. Hence, increasing your visibility in social interent is very important to get most of this traffic directed at your site.

Social Media Optimization Is carried out in two ways, firstly by optimizing your content using features like RSS feeds, polls, rating etc. You must have noticed that most of the websites nowadays have a Facebook? Like button or Google? +1 button or a button saying “Follow us on Twitter?”. This is a way for those websites to get added to your social internet circles, so that the next time you visit your network on which you have liked, +1’d or followed that website or business, you will automatically receive updates from these websites and services. Same is the case with RSS feeds; RSS feeds are summarized articles which may redirect you to their source. So when you post a sensational RSS feed, you ought to get more traffic redirected at your site.

The other way is to increase the visibility of your website on or brand name and various media and not only your content. You might have seen various comments on blogs or forums promoting a particular website or brand name. It is quite likely that they may direct some of the users to the links they’re promoting. It also includes updating status on various social networking websites and interacting with other user. Blog commenting and forum posting are some other forms.

Promotion of your website on social media is a great way to attract the attention of internet community towards your website or business. It has become a strategic tool in internet based marketing. Many Search Engine Optimization firms also offer SMO services as a part of their package. It is a good option to go for as SMO process could be very time and resource consuming and may require your constant attention.

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