Steam TV by Valve Makes a Premature Debut

Earlier today, the gaming world went into a tizzy when Twitter user @thexpaw pointed to the website and confirmed that it is real. However, visitors were welcomed with a blank site with a message prompt “Welcome to” Other users after thorough inspection found out the certificate proclaimed the website to be originally belonging to Valve. Of course, rumours have been rife that Valve has been working on a website to give a stiff competition to Amazon’s

Steam TV by Valve Makes a Premature Debut

Surprisingly, a few hours later, the website went live streaming the company’s highly rated game – Dota 2. Gamers could log into their Steam account access the Dota 2 stream of The International. The website also gave gamers access to their friend lists to initiate group chats and even supported voice chat (although only over the Chrome browser and not over Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge). It was similar to the regular chat offered on the Steam Community but had additional features like inviting friends to watch videos while chatting. In the sneak peek preview, it was clear that the company has really worked on its usual Steam Broadcasting website and tried to make it more native.

This got everyone excited since the annual Dota 2 e-sport tournament, The International, is scheduled to take off on the 20th of August. Soon enough, all the gamers were scrambling over to the to try out streaming their game. However, soon enough the website was taken down.

This sudden removal of the website left everyone dumbfounded and confused. On reaching out to the Valve’s representatives, it later came to light that the indeed belongs to Valve and the streaming website was undergoing testing. No official comment is out as to whether it is Valve’s alternative to Twitch or even Mixer (Microsoft) and YouTube Gaming (Google).

Funnily, was supposed to be a covert operation and meant for the public eye. Works are underway to update Steam Broadcasting of The International. Hopefully, if everything goes well and according to plan, the final version of will be up and running just in time for The International, which is slotted from 20th to 25th August.

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