The Best Plugins you can use for your Coming Soon page on WordPress

Imagine you are constructing your webpage on WordPress, tweaking around with the front end and backend coding to achieve the desired result. Meanwhile, users are visiting your website and all they see is a weird-looking webpage that seems to have been designed by a surrealist. They will be disappointed and may never visit your sites again, citing unprofessionalism and callousness on your part.

While your website is under construction, you may want to let your audience know what’s in store for them once it is complete. But how can you achieve this without any content to display? The answer is the Coming Soon page. A Coming Soon page can be used to inform your audience about the new upcoming features on your site, and it can also be a way to collect leads from individuals.

Best Plugins for Coming Soon Pages

Let us take a look at some of the best plugins you can use to design a coming soon page on WordPress:

  1. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Many times you may come across complicated plugins that you don’t know how to use, and you end up wasting a lot of time with them. The Coming Soon and Maintenance plugin is specially designed with ease of usage in mind. It includes more than 120 attractive themes and more than a million Images that you can get for free. The coming soon page is highly customizable and has a user-friendly back end which you can easily modify without any programming knowledge.

  1. Under Construction Page

This plugin will take you less than a minute to install and setup. This is a great plugin for hiding your original under construction page. The best feature of this plugin is that supports more than 100 languages, so you can easily translate the Coming Soon page using this plugin. You also have the option to collect leads via this plugin, and tracking user activity via Google Analytics. It also has links to all the major social media platforms.

  1. Maintenance Plugin

The Maintenance plugin is easy to use, and you can set up the background color, logo, and theme for your maintenance page using this plugin. Some of its features are the attractive HMTL/CSS design, support for Google Analytics, as well the blur effect in the background. You can also add events to your Coming Soon page using this plugin.

  1. WP Maintenance Plugin

This plugin allows you to create a personalized Coming Soon page using this plugin, with customizable logo and text styles. You can set up a “503 Service temporarily unavailable” message using this plugin. It has links to all the popular social networking sites and also provides supports for Google Analytics, which helps you track user sessions on your page. You may also set up a countdown timer on your page to let your users know when your site will be online.


Coming Soon pages are a great way to keep your users engaged while your site is under construction. Using these pages, you can also track user sessions and collect leads for conversion. By constructing a Coming Soon page, you will be keeping your users interested about what’s to come in your webpage. Social media site links can help the users share your page with their contacts.

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