The Cool Camera Effects Techniques You Need to Know

Are you a photo freak or a professional photographer? These tips might interest you:

Position Your Tripod Correctly

The camera should be set on a tripod at low perspective. The photographer holds the piece of string in the same hand as his flashlight. As the string dangles in the light, the guy rotates it so that it spins in the light. The camera is set to long exposure.

3 Ways To Create Cool Steam Effects

In the first ‘steam creation’ a pie is made to look like it is steaming hot out of the oven. The flashlight and string are rotated above the pie, making sure the light hits all over the pie surface. The result of this trick is that the final exposure does look like a steaming apple pie!

Next, the photographer illustrates making a cup of coffee look steaming hot using a dark ceramic mug. Because the cup is dark, the camera speed is cut to 8 seconds, and once the room is darkened, the light from the flashlight is not placed directly into the cup but more on the outer edges of the cup. The final result does look like a hot steaming cup of coffee! It can also be achieved with a lightroom alternative software.

The third item in the video used to produce fake heat and steam is a fake skull. The aim this time is to make the skull appear smokey and surreal like the character in Ghost Rider!

I’m sure you will agree that this is an excellent step by step intro to the simple trick photography technique of producing the illusion of steam and heat. It shows how simple the technique is and how quickly you can turn an average photo into a real example of cool camera effects that create something extraordinary.

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