This Weekend: Destiny 2 is Free to Play on PC

Finally, the weekend is upon us, and if your plan remains open or if you are looking for a game to play, then you have not yet engrossed yourself into the endless gun throw joy so here is an opportunity that refers to the Destiny 2. However, you will be happy to hear that it is totally free to play and you can happily enjoy your weekend.

Destiny 2 is Free to Play on PC

The fans of Destiny 2 is free to play on PC from 6th July until 8th July through Blizzard’s program. Though, no matter if you are a console player who only wants to take the PC version for a spin, it is a lapsed veteran who wants to see new things since you last logged into it, or a entire newbie who wants to see that if Bungie’s FPS/RPG hybrid might up your alleyway. So it is the perfect time to jump in this weekend.

By doing your bit as a nigh-eternal Guardian, directly point yourself at the, and you need to download the installer. It is a total of 4.5MB download, but the entire game is a lot bigger than that. It will take up around 63GB of your drive space once all is done and completed. Once it all set up, then you can easily play as much as you want across all manners and also through the entire campaign.

Although the Destiny 2 is also available on sale on the and if you want that you see during the freebie and also decide to pick it up from there and any progress which you have earned will carry over. Now, the Destiny 2 free weekend is live and runs through 10th of June.

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