UPS safeguards your IT equipment

The uninterruptible power supply is a power supply device that uses the battery to provide power to IT equipment in case of power failure. Computer UPS [เครื่องสํารองไฟคอมพิวเตอร์, which is the term in Thai] helps to keep the computer running even after power loss for some time. This gives the user some time to save data and turn off the computer systematically. There are UPS devices with software that takes backup automatically and switch offs the computer when you are away from your computer system.

Types of uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

There are two types of UPS system namely the standby power system and on-line UPS system. The most common among the two types of UPS systems is standby UPS generally used for computers and other IT equipment. The on-line UPS is majorly used in small businesses.

  • Standby power system: This UPS system monitors potential electric problems and switches to battery power as soon as it detects any kind of interruption. The switch is immediate which allows you the time to save data before the computer goes off.
  • On-line UPS system: This UPS battery [แบต ups, which is the term in Thai] system helps to avoid power lapses which may occur in between power loss and kick-starting of battery power. It avoids power lapses as it uses the inverter to provide power even when there is power supply.

How does UPS protect the computer?

  • Blackouts: Blackout is a term used for describing problems related to power supply. It occurs when the power supply crashes because of the imbalance in generation and consumption of power.
  • Brownouts: Brownouts may not be common in occurrence but are equally destructive. Brownout occurs when there is a drop in voltage. It has the capability to ruin your electronic devices.
  • Spikes: Spike occurs when there is a sudden increase in the voltage. The occurrence of spike may cause severe damage to the IT equipment.

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