What is the need for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization shortly termed as SEO is an emerging field of the modern world. It is a way of optimizing your website to gain more views or build more customers. It involves the whole study that makes one able to improve the search position of his website in Google search results. Google continuously updates its algorithm and makes changes in it. 

An algorithm is the set of rules and instructions that the search engines follow while ranking sites in the organic search results. Google is the biggest platform. Most of the audience uses Google as their preferred search engine to reach the preferred results. Thus, the knowledge about the field also increased in order to help sites rank properly in search results. SEO experts constantly keep track of the ranking factors so that they are better able to get their website at the top position. 

How does the Google algorithm works?

Google has developed the algorithm for a long time. It started to notice the requirement of the algorithm because there were people that were trying to fake search engines and got a lot of traffic. These pages were spam. Such sites were intended to bring a lot of traffic to the website by using bad SEO techniques. These techniques involve the use of repeated keywords. The users also tried using invisible content. 

This content is visible to the search engines, but it is not visible to the viewers on the site. There were also pop-up and display ads that brought revenue. This technique emerged a lot. The web developers also created a lot of copy pages to gain more audience. These bad practices led to the development of the algorithm of Google. There were a lot of algorithms that were introduced during the whole interval, and each algorithm makes changes in the way search is performed.

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