What is Your Option for Choosing the Headset

While some European countries have almost 2 out of 3 telephone sets equipped with a business headset, France is still lagging behind on this subject. However, the telephone relationship is essential in business (80% of contacts) and to guarantee optimal comfort during telephone calls, having a headset has many advantages.

This guide, produced in collaboration with the main manufacturers, will allow you to orient yourself in your choice and to select the headset for a fixed or PC extension adapted to your needs and compatible with your telephone set, whatever the brand. Choosing the Jabra Headset Nairobi  is a good choice there.

What are the advantages of a headset?

Communicate hands free: need to take notes? To consult a file? Enter information on your PC? Don’t leave your call partner on hold or your phone trapped between your ear and your shoulder! With a headset, you can handle your calls hands-free whatever your type of extension. You can move freely at your workplace while staying in communication with your correspondent.

Be more mobile: with wireless headsets, you can make calls while remaining free to move around. You can move around the company, get a file, get information from an employee without suspending your call. And thanks to the remote handset systems, you can even answer a call directly if you are away from your work station. This saves you time while reducing the number of reminders you need to make.

Be more focused: with a headset for a landline phone with 2 earphones, your phone calls become a real conversation. You are less distracted by your environment and are fully attentive to your interlocutor.

Improve the ergonomics of the workstation: wearing a telephone headset allows you to maintain an upright posture and end many joint pains due to daily use of the telephone.

Benefits of headsets

In a study by the helmet manufacturer Jabra, it has been proven that after having equipped themselves with a telephone headset, 52% of intensive users (more than 2 hours per day) felt a strong decrease pain in the neck, back or shoulders. The Telephone Headset Nairobi is a good option there.

Headsets can also be part of a set of materials necessary for the use of your telephony in everyday life. The use of headphones in fixed telephony allows   improvement of working conditions   and therefore it promotes customer relations. Employees are more productive and work in a   greater comfort.

Indeed, the telephone is one of the essential tools for everyday use with the computer. Eight out of ten employees spend more than 2 hours on the phone during the day! Calling and using your computer at the same time is one of the daily tasks in an office. With the use of helmets adapted to the   fixed telephony, the staff finds the use of these two hands. Telephone conversations are becoming more natural. Helmets provide great flexibility. No more uncomfortable positions!   Gain ergonomics and productivity.

Noise canceling microphone, adjustable headband, faux leather pad, we will find the headset suitable for your telephone use for an optimal comfort. Electronic off-hook and multiple connections (USB, Bluetooth, RJ, etc.) are also options available on headsets adapted to the IP telephony.

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