Disney Plus: Everything That you Should Know About It

In August 2017, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that to compete with the market, they would be coming out with their streaming direct-to-consumer internet. And now, with time, a person is getting to know more about what Disney plus is and what you would be getting with it. 

It would offer you all the Disney original shows and would provide you with a permanent home for the titles and get permanent entertainment with easy access. Thus, here is some of the information that you would require to ensure that you know what it is all about. 

What would be the Cost?

The amount or the subscription charge that you would have to pay for taking advantage of the Disney streaming would be less tan Netflix and would be a competitive beginning in the already streaming online world. It would be close to $6.99. 

Mostly the service would be available in the market in America from November 12 and would soon roll out to different areas of Europe and Asia from the beginning of the next year. You would be able to access 4K, High Dynamic Picture quality, and UHD as well. Disney would provide you with the benefits of creating 7 different profiles from one user id.  

How to Sign Up?

About the available programming, you would be able to sign up right away by visiting the Disney official website. It would be featuring a countdown clock which would provide you with additional information. But there is another prime package available as well for which you could go for but would charge you more, which would include ESPN+ as well, and therefore, you should wait till the end of the launch to sign up.

What would you get to see?

With Disney plus streaming, you would be getting all the original shows, and over the year, it would be around 7, 500 episodes, and 500 films. It would also include Pixer movies and live-action family films. It would also put the Marvel and Star War movies so that you would be able to stream your favorite blockbusters without any hassle. 

So you would not be running out of entertainment options when you go for this one. It would be a fun time to get your subscription both for children and adults, as it would be having everything from Marvel to the original Disney shows. Thus on weekends, rest at home and stream Disney plus with family and friends from the end of 2019.

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