Social Media Optimization For Business: Tips and Techniques

Applying social media optimization to improve the online presence and revenue of your business isn’t really an easy task. One wrong word, image or link can bring your business to shambles and drive you to drum up a humiliating press release. If you have articles and links that contain valuable content, you need to make sure that the one-liners you post on your social media channels are equally valuable. 

Social media optimization may sound simple but it still requires careful planning and execution. Listed below are some social media optimization tips and techniques by best digital marketing agency, that you can use in order to avoid missteps and to promote your brand the right way.

  • Create 100% Original and Creative Content

Original and compelling content doesn’t entail chunk after chunk of paragraphs on the entire page. Compelling content has to be informative while being direct and easy on the eyes. Users tend to avoid articles that are overflowing with wordiness and strange terminologies.

To encourage users to share your articles, come up with “listicles” and make the content as light and direct as possible. It’s helpful if you can make a Blog tab on your website that users can visit if they want to read articles that are more conversational. These are the types of articles that users post on their social media accounts.

  • Use Images

Images have a huge impact on a user’s reading habit. When a reader visits a website, his eyes automatically go to the images and graphics that are posted beside the article. Visuals are very important in social media optimization because great images can encourage users to share an article on their social media feed. 

It also helps if you can integrate videos and moving objects on your website during web development process. Make sure that the images and videos that you post are in high quality so people will have a good impression of your business.

  • Give Thanks To New Followers and Subscribers

For an online business, gathering new subscribers and followers is such a huge deal that showing them your gratitude is a must. Make your new subscribers feel important by leading them to a “Thank You” page after they register on your site or through e-mails. 

Allow your followers to see that they’re prioritized so they will be encouraged to share your posts and participate in your promos.

  • Put Sharing Icons On Your Website

Always incorporate sharing icons at the end of your articles so readers will be encouraged to share the link if they find the content worth sharing. The more users find the article engaging, the more likely it is for them to hit that share button.

You can put icons of the most preferred social media sites today such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram.

  • Follow Competitors and Relevant Connections

Following your competitors can do wonders to your social media status. You can grow your followers by following accounts that are in the same industry as you because of “Following” suggestions. 

On Twitter, a user will be given choices or suggestions to follow accounts that are related to the account recently followed. Twitter also shows random tweets that a follower “Favorites”, which makes other users see what you’re up to. Facebook also suggests pages that are related to a page that a user recently liked.

  • Interact With Users

Obviously, the point of using social media is to be socially available to other users. When your followers have questions or are offering suggestions, make an effort to communicate with them. This will make them see that they are valued and they are treated as real customers. Giving a follower the cold shoulder will only lead to the dreaded “Unfollow.”

  • Update Your Social Media Platforms Regularly

Update your followers about the current news, trends, your latest products, and latest promotions. Come up with an SMO strategy that includes scheduling your posts so it wouldn’t look like you’re spamming people’s timelines with a flood of updates. 

By following those tips and techniques, you’ll surely be able to maximize the marketing potential of social media.

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