The Importance Of Always Being Paranoid

Paranoia can often be seen as being one of those annoying emotions which makes you slow down and stop you doing things you want to jump on board with. However, paranoia isn’t always a piece of excess baggage that you don’t want to deal with. It can prove to be really useful and make you think in such a way that you are thankful for it.

Staying protected online

Jumping online to do your shopping is easy, straight forward and saves you getting wet while walking down the high street in the pouring rain. But, it doesn’t keep you safe from theft. 

Despite many beliefs that online shopping is safer than walking the streets, there are many threats online which can cause a great amount of inconvenience and problems to your life. This is where your paranoia comes in.

Staying protected online is often seen as being in the way as you type in a password for the umpteenth time in a day, but it’s these small actions which help in keeping you safe from identity theft and fraud. 

Being paranoid makes you more aware of your surroundings and whats going on around you. This is highly beneficial for staying safe when using the Internet. Hackers and cyber attackers are quite literally sat waiting to pounce on you, so by keeping your wits about you there’s a good chance you can action any threat quickly so you have minimal problems to deal with later.

Easy ways to stay safe


Tell yourself your data could be stolen at anytime. What’s your first step? 

Passwords. As hard as it is to remember them sometimes, it is essential to come up with a password which is tough to crack. Using your address, name or family pet as a password is not a safe password to use. These details can easily be found and tried by a hacker. Use a random password, or use an online randomiser, to create something which hackers will have a hard time cracking. 

By using a collection of different characters like upper and lower case letters, special characters like ! and # plus numbers, the password you choose will have a much stronger chance of standing up against hackers.

Double Up

Getting a duplicate isn’t always bad when it comes to retrieving your files and documents. Keeping a duplicate of your important files separate from the original copy can be beneficial incase a hacker gets in and alters your system. Once again your paranoia will tell you this is a good idea and protect valuable assets.

Ideas of where to keep a backup copy of your files include a USB pen or plug in device, an external hard drive which can be completely removed from your main device and even on paper. Should anything happen to your files on your device, you will still have an untouched copy which is safe to use after any viruses are removed and dealt with.   

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