Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

The global community has benefited from technological advancements in this era, as it has created more accessible communication platforms. Consequently, it has provided people with a much easier means of communication with their relatives and businesses.

Although employees of various companies and organizations can benefit from the convenience of using mobile messaging apps to communicate with their colleagues and clients, several laws requiring business in regulated industries to monitor text messages and record voice calls have been established. Thus, industries, such as the public sector and the financial industry, have to retain their business communications and comply with record retention laws.

Companies and public entities have to create their strategies to retain their business communications because there is no universal solution for them to use. It comes as mobile archiving methods and options, such as over-the-top application, mobile archiving agent, in-network capture, and chat application capture, have their respective advantages and disadvantages due to mobile archiving complexities.

Not all mobile archiving solutions support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies; thus, companies implementing BYOD policies must choose an archiving solution that complements their other communications strategies. Accordingly, only a few archiving solutions options support both iOS and Android devices and various carrier networks.

Furthermore, several mobile archiving solutions also require end-user training and have a higher cost of ownership. These disadvantages can impact a business’s record retention strategies and its employees’ communication with their colleagues and clients.

Therefore, firms must consider several factors before selecting a mobile archiving option for their regulatory compliance. Hence, a company needs to determine what archiving solution it will use depending on the devices used by its employees, how large the business is, and its budget for monitoring messages. This infographic of Telemessage discusses the top pitfalls of mobile archiving.

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