Why Should a Business Hire an SEO Company?

Search engine optimization tactics often make or break a business’ online marketing success. The top search engines, such as Google and Bing, list millions of different websites and blogs. No one searching for a particular business intends to read down 1,000 pages to find what they seek. They look at the first page. Some will venture to the second one. A select few may explore the listings on page three. The moral here is that the further down your website ranks on the search engine listings, the fewer people will see it. That means the site gets fewer visitors, which doesn’t mean much for online marketing. To make sure more eyes see the listings, you must employ smart SEO strategies.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to search engine optimization, which involves reliably moving a website up the rankings. Status Labs is a company capable of running a smart SEO campaign. And the campaign has to be wisely devised. Otherwise, you won’t see your website appear prominently in the search engine listings. You might not even see the site in the search engines at all. Violating modern, established SEO rules comes with penalties now. Keep that in mind when thinking about hiring an SEO company.

The Old Days of SEO

A decade or so ago, the perceived popularity of a website centered on building links. The more links pointing to a website, the more popular the website presumably was. “Presumably” is the key here. The search engine companies “presumed” that the sites were popular. In reality, many links pointing to the sites were merely purchased from vendors and placed on spammy link farms. While dubious, the tactic was legitimate. Scores of “blackhat” techniques, strategies that violated search engine rules, were commonplace then as well.

Eventually, Google became tired of people manipulating the search engines. Stricter rules went into effect. Today, working with an SEO company is critical. Otherwise, you may discover that your website never moves up the rankings.

The Modernization of Search Engine Optimization

For an SEO company to deliver on its customer’s requirements, the staff must be aware of changes mandated by search engines. Take this as one reason why the do-it-yourself approach to SEO is an unwise plan. If you don’t fully know what to do or understand a changing landscape, the potential for disaster looms.

Google may consider things that the company previously didn’t weigh. Reviews, for example, might play a role in how Google moves a business up the ranks. Positive reviews would garner points for prominence and relevance. Similarly, the distance between the person searching for a company and its actual location may also factor. These potential changes show that the Google algorithm is more dynamic than the average person knows. For this reason, SEO work shouldn’t be left to a non-professional.

Several reasons contribute to why SEO stands as ever-evolving. Returning to the previous notion of manipulation, Google doesn’t want any dubious marketing companies figuring out ways to deliver undeserved benefits. Google’s researchers keep a watchful eye on the SEO landscape. When it appears that changes are necessary, Google responds.

Also, people using search engines alter their behavior. A reliance on verbal command systems, such as Alexa, leads to changes as well. Typing in keywords is one thing, and how people talk to Alexa is another. So, the search engines must effectively “translate” the speech patterns of the user. All of that factors into how an SEO company strategizes for its clients.

One SEO company to keep an eye on is Status Labs. Based in Austin, Texas, Status Labs maintains a global reach thanks to consistent yearly growth. The company handles reputation management work as well. Status Labs’ search engine optimization work, however, should not be overlooked.

Business owners don’t benefit from not making search engine optimization work a priority. Reassess your priorities, and you might find that an investment in SEO tactics might be long overdue.

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