Why The New iPhone Will Be The Most Important In Years

The unknown around the new iPhone 7s is even greater than in previous generations; In fact, there could be a jump to the iPhone 8.

A week ago, Apple presented the first financial results of the year, and broke all records; Undoubtedly, the iPhone was the main protagonist getting revenue of 78.351 million dollars. However, Apple could not boast a good number of iPhone sold, with “only” 212 million devices; That is 8% less than in the same period last year.

iPhone sales continue to fall, although profits rise nevertheless you can buy one get one free iphone for limited time offer.

Nothing worrisome because the decline in sales was offset by more revenue with each model sold, but it is a fact that defines very well the current awkward situation of Apple. It is easy to find a reason for the decline in sales: the iPhone 7 and iphone7 Plus were nothing surprising; Although they brought some news under the arm, the general consensus is that they were two very continuous devices, which did not bring anything new.

This was a surprise for many reasons, not the least of them that went against the scheme that Apple has followed for several generations. In fact, the change was so fat that many are wondering if Apple will not surprise us all with an iPhone 8 for this 2017. In theory, this year is the launch of the iPhone 7s, an improved version of the iPhone 7; but considering that iPhone 7 was already an improved version of iPhone 6, that doesn’t fit.

More People Have An iPhone, AndThat’sBad News ForTheNew iPhone 7s

The key is how Apple will sell the new device, and to whom. Bernstein analysts point out that the number of iPhone users during this cycle will be 80% higher than when the iPhone 6 came out, one of the company’s most successful models; therefore, Apple will be interested in appealing to users who want to update their mobile. According to Bernstein, 2018 will be the ideal year for that, because it will be when most users will feel that their iPhone has become obsolete.

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